How to Lock a Cell in a Formula in Excel

How frequently has this transpired? You're reordering some Excel capacities, and they change to mirror the phones in respect to where you stuck them, yet you need the first qualities flawless. 
There's a slick trap that will make this issue rapidly vanish. Simply utilise the F4 key. Here's the way it works: 
Let's assume we include two cells in C1: 
We need to make sure this doesn't change when we glue it somewhere else. Tap on the cell with cell references you need to bolt - for this situation, C1. Presently select the recipe in the equation bar, so either the entire equation or merely the part you need to bolt is featured and after that press F4. 
You'll get a flat out the form: 
  • Here are the means to secure equations Excel (clarified in detail later on): 
  • Select every one of the cells and open these. 
  • Select every one of the cells that have recipes (utilising Go To Special). 
  • Bolt these chose cells. 
  • Secure the worksheet. 
Since I have laid out the means over, we should make a plunge and perceive how to do this. 
Microsoft Excel does its best to make recipes simple to decipher. When you select a cell containing an equation, the recipe shows in the Excel equation bar. If that is insufficient, you can assess each piece of the recipe independently by setting off to the Formulas tab > Formula Auditing gathering and tapping the Evaluate Formulas catch for a well-ordered walkthrough. 
Imagine a scenario in which you don't need your recipes to appear in the equation bar, or anyplace else in the worksheet, for classification, security, or different reasons. Additionally, you might need to secure your Excel equations to keep different clients from erasing or overwriting them. For instance, when sending a few reports outside your association, you may need the beneficiaries to see the last qualities, yet you don't need them to know how those qualities are computed, let along rolling out any improvements to your recipes. 
If you've put a great deal of exertion in making a wonderful worksheet that you have to impart to other individuals, you surely wouldn't need anybody to mess up any brilliant recipes that you worked so hard on! The most widely recognised method for keeping individuals from messing with your Excel equations is to ensure the worksheet. This does not simply bolt equations, but instead locks all phones on the sheet and prevents clients from altering any of the current cells and entering any new information. Once in a while, you might not have any desire to go that far.